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CESC 2018

10 Years of CESC

Central European Summer Course on Mycology

Biology of pathogenic fungi:
genetics, genomics, diagnostics

July 06 – July 11 2018

University of Szeged
Biology Building
Szeged, Kozep fasor 52

Tel: +36/62/544849
Fax: +36/62/544823

Ilona Pfeiffer
Attila Gacser

BioGeneron KFT

The course addresses both the fundamental principles and techniques of molecular biology, genetics, genomics and diagnostics of pathogenic fungal species. Students gain an in-depth knowledge of pathogenic mechanisms, molecular genetics, and the biochemistry of important virulence factors. Other topics include phylogenomics as a new way to discover disease mechanisms, host adaptation mechanisms of pathogenic fungi, epidemiology, molecular typing, analysis of extracellular elements of pathogenic fungal species and much more. A detailed scientific program can be found here. Each lecture directly relates molecular biology to current laboratory techniques.